Habits to avoid to maintain a healthy mouth

A particularly harmful habit is smoking; among the alterations that tobacco produces in the mouth are serious problems of gums, increased risk of decay, possible loss of teeth, spots, bad breath, appearance of wrinkles in the contour of the lip and oral cancer. In addition, certain dental treatments such as surgeries and implant placement may fail because of it.

Apart from smoking, the unconstrained intake of alcohol burns the gums, altering its structure, can cause tooth loss and oral cancer. Alcoholism combined with smoking increases the possibility of cancer.

Besides the consumption of tobacco and alcohol there are very harmful behaviors for the teeth such as tightening or grinding, a common practice called bruxism. Bruxism causes fractures in the teeth and severe wear in the long run and can increase tooth sensitivity and even lead to the loss of the proportion of the face. If the bruxism persists it will bring periodontal problems and pain in the jaw joint.

What else should I avoid?

If you like to chew gum, consume sugarless gum containing xylitol as this component helps protect against cavities, but do not abuse since you could get to stress the masticatory muscles and the jaw joint.

Apart from bruxism there are other harmful habits such as thumb sucking, something relatively common among children. This habit produces an abnormal movement of the teeth and can even alter the development and shape of the mouth. If you see this bad habit in your child consult your dentist how to correct it.

Furthermore, behaviors such as biting the nails or pens are negative since they can wear out the teeth, fracture them and produce infections due to the accidental ingestion of pathogenic microorganisms.

Bad habits tend to be related to stress, if severe they may also require the intervention of other specialists. Replace bad habits with positive ones such as, for example, the correct daily hygiene that added to the periodic reviews will make your smile a perfect smile.