Foods that cause yellowing on teeth

The yellow color on your teeth can be a sign of aging, but it can also be a sign that your diet contains a lot of food that stains teeth. The enamel of the teeth is white and the underlying layer, called dentin, is yellow. If the enamel is wearing out, consult your dentist. However, if the enamel is intact, you can try to reduce the amount of food you consume, which causes yellowing of the teeth.

Coffee and tea

If you drink coffee or tea, you may be damaging your teeth. Very hot beverages can cause micro fractures on the surface of the teeth, exposing the underlying yellowish surface. In addition, the change in temperature causes the surface of the teeth to expand and in this way the spots settle on the enamel. The dark color of coffee or tea stains the white enamel of the teeth. If the tooth enamel surface is not smooth or if you do not brush your teeth and floss infrequently, tooth coloration will occur more quickly.


The intense and natural colors of the berries stain the enamel that covers the teeth. In addition, in general the sugar content of these fruits is high and can generate a yellowish coloration on the teeth with the passage of time. Cherries, blackberries and blueberries are the ones that cause more problems.

To determine if a berry can stain the teeth, you can consider a simple test: you worry that not drop a drop of the juice of the berries on your shirt, then you should also worry about the effect of that juice on the teeth. Enjoy while you eat the berries, but then brush your teeth immediately, to avoid yellowing of the teeth.


The intense red and yellow tones of curry powder are ideal for preparing a delicious dish; however, those vibrant colors also stain the teeth. The best way to combat this discoloration on the teeth is to completely avoid curry consumption. Anyway, if you like this food, brush your teeth immediately after eating to eliminate any possible stain. If you do not have a toothbrush available nearby, rinse your mouth with water.


Soft drinks contain acids that literally consume the enamel of the teeth, so that the teeth will look yellow. If you drink soft drinks, use straw to limit the amount of sodium that will touch the surface of the teeth. Drink water immediately after finishing the soda and rinse your mouth to minimize the amount of sugar that remains on your teeth. The sugar is fermented and forms plaque, which also damages the teeth.