Five tips to overcome the fear of the dentist

The fear to the dentist in general is one of the most powerful reasons why appointments with the dentist are canceled or not even come to request. So that this does not happen and oral health does not suffer, dental lists some tips to overcome the fear of the dentist:

Make the visit to the dentist a habit

If visits to our trusted dentist become habitual (at least once a year) and are not limited to consulting only when there is pain, the patient will lose much of that fear, also called odontophobia, since those visits produce, in general, less discomfort, besides that they can avoid future treatments with more complicated and painful prognoses


The dentist strongly recommends one of the most important tips to overcome the fear of the dentist, and it is none other than being relaxed. To achieve this, it is preferable that on the day before the dental visit the patient should lie down early to rest properly, as well as avoid drinks and stimulating substances. It is also good that on the same day that the patient should go to the clinic, he should do activities that he likes, such as sports, listening to music, cooking…

Talk with the dentist

Talking with the specialist about the fear provoked by the consultation, the treatment or simply solving any doubts you may have about the steps to follow, can help the dentist guide the patient in how to overcome fear. Moreover, it is essential that information is requested about the diagnosis, the treatment, as well as the duration of the same since, in many occasions, this uncertainty causes discomfort and anxiety.

Go accompanied

Dental recommends that if you have odontophobia the patient ask a family member or someone who transmits confidence and security to accompany you to the consultation, since this provides peace of mind and security. On the contrary, even if he is a very close person, the patient should avoid being accompanied by someone who transmits nervousness and impatience.

Agree on a signal

The fourth of the tips to overcome the fear of the dentist that dental exposes is to agree with the dentist a signal or gesture, so that, in case of feeling much discomfort or pain, the doctor can pause and the patient can express where it hurts.