Fear of the dentist

Fear of the dentist is quite common in patients, but a good control of the situation, and thinking that the result will be totally successful, are some of the keys to at least accept that a dental treatment is nothing more than a necessary process to achieve an unbeatable dental health.

Sometimes, patients just imagine that they have to go to the dentist, they begin to feel anxiety, and it usually happens that they do not come to the appointment, so that the health of the teeth deteriorates with time, until it will be impossible stop going, and maybe in that case, if it’s traumatic. So that does not happen, you should take the dentist, with  calm and determination , and know that going to the dentist is part of a necessary health check-up process, which will be appreciated once you have experienced that moment.


The reasons that make fear appear to the dentist are varied, although if it is true that they can be included in groups of reasons, that only thinking about any of them, begins to generate an anxiety difficult to control.

In some cases it is the thought about the pain that the dental treatment is going to cause, which causes the reason to get out of control and begin to suffer what is called an anxiety attack with hand sweating, dizziness, dizziness, and other symptoms. They must be channeled and eventually disappear little by little, as they begin to have a rational thought about what it means to be lying in a dentist’s chair.

It is also possible that thinking about the punctures of anesthesia generates some uneasiness in the patient, as well as the position that must be adopted with the mouth open indefinitely in time until the dentist finishes his work, or the very idea that many tools can be introduced in your mouth.

In any case, this general uncertainty that patients feel, makes dental treatments impossible to perform, so it is worthwhile to stop and think about what is achieved if you follow some simple indications.