Fear of the dentist, that thing of the past

Someday, in the not too distant future, we will tell the youngest generations of today, who will begin their orthodontic treatment in three or four years, that going to the dentist was something that caused real panic, with their days of waiting for the pain and all his anguish. And they will look at us with a strange face. They will think that we should be crazy or that we should not be very clear about what a dentist is.

Pain in the dentist? They will think, how is that going to be?

It may seem an exaggeration, but times have changed a lot in the area of ​​dentistry, probably the medical specialization that has seen an improvement of their treatments more remarkable in the last decade. One of the advances that is offering better results when it comes to eliminating that fear is conscious sedation.

And that’s not all. We cannot even talk about toothbrushes anymore, as we were known to dentists until recently. Although, anyway, when patients try conscious sedation, the extractions do not matter much.

Conscious sedation is a method that has been operating in other European countries for many years with proven positive results, which have eliminated the fear of dentists in their populations. Now it has been achieved that the regulatory systems allow this practice, something that has been asking for a long time.

You may belong to a generation that knew the dentist as an evil being, armed with metal pots in his disguise as a villain in a white coat and mask. The best thing for you to overcome your fear is that you bring your children.

Surely they will tell you about a pleasant place where your oral health problems disappear almost without realizing it.