Fear of the dentist


First of all, it is very important to identify the reason why the fear is generated, so that they can pay attention, analyze them and perhaps adapt to a new way of going to the dentist.

Once you know why you are afraid of the dentist, it can be reinforcing to visit the place before the appointment, see that the patients who are being treated at that moment leave smiling and calm of our consultations, as well as request information about the treatment that you will execute that patient, and all kinds of information related to the dental clinic.

Saying the problem openly to your most trusted dentist also helps to feel less fear in the matter, as well as undergo mental preparation prior to the appointment, and make an appointment in person to give less options to back down.


At the time of entering the consultation, it is best to speak with the specialist who will attend to you, and comment on your fear, in a natural and simple way is the best way, so that the dentist sees that it is not a whim, but rather a reality that must be redressed so as not to have major problems.

fear-dentist-3While the waiting time to go with the dentist lasts, it is best to be distracted by the company you have, reading a magazine or thinking about other things, with the aim of not feeding a fear that has no basis whatsoever.

Also directly to the dentist should tell you the fears that you have, since you will be the first interested in the visit is successful, he will know how to reassure the patient, either explaining what he is doing, or giving pauses to the patient to take a deep breath and stay relaxed.

Little by little it will be much easier to go to the dentist, the patient will feel more comfortable each time, and the treatments that have to be done will be made with full guarantee of success for their excellent collaboration with them.

Stop being afraid of the dentist is a process of learning and relaxation, so if you let the expert’s advice on the subject, everything will go great in the dentist’s office.